Boise Local Fishing Report for December 3rd, 2021

Owyhee River Fishing Report

Some spawners still remain in the river, so please use caution and avoid those spawning fish. Additionally, areas where spawning has occurred are very dense with redds, so please avoid wading upstream or on top of these disturbed areas. Flows are being held low this winter and remain around 20 cfs. Some of the best fishing can be found in the runs and pools in slower/deeper water. Watch for midge hatches all day as well as BWO hatches in the afternoon.


Recommended Flies: Twin Territory Tactical Midge (#18), Hanging Midge (#18-22), Bunny Midge (#20-22), RS2 (#20-22), Zebra midge (#18-22), Split Case BWO (#18-22)

Boise River Fishing Report – In Town

Flows are running a little below average this winter through town and are providing excellent wading opportunities. The Boise has been fishing very well recently, with most fish being found on a variety of nymphs. Keeping those bugs a little smaller (#16-20) this time of the year helps stay consistent with the smaller BWOs and midges. Running your favorite attractor nymph up front and trailing a smaller midge or BWO nymph behind is an excellent option. Depending on the day, BWO activity has been pretty good in the afternoon and could even allow for some dry fly opportunities. Streamer fishing can also be very productive depending on the day. Try rotating through colors if you’re having difficulty finding them on streamers or even sizing down to smaller sculpin and leech patterns.

Steelhead can still be found throughout the local river from last month’s stocking. Egg patterns, streamers or some larger, attractor style nymphs are a good bet if you are trying to target them.


Recommended Flies: FB Pheasant Tail (#16-20), Copper John (#14-20), Higa’s SOS (#16-20), Red Neck (#14-18), SOB Czech Ginger (#14-18), Sheila Sculpin #4, Galloups Boogieman #2, Sculpzilla #2

South Fork Boise Fishing Report – Tailwater

The South Fork is an excellent winter option for our area. Streamflow is sitting at a relatively average winter flow of 300 cfs and wading conditions are great. The main hatches currently are BWOs and midges. Dry fly opportunities are definitely present if you’re willing to do some head hunting but you’ll be best served nymphing in between hatches. Running a larger stonefly nymph to a smaller mayfly imitation or attractor is a popular method through the winter. Euro-style jigs are also effective whether tight-lined or underneath an indicator, so make sure to have a variety on hand. Medium sized streamers can also find some good action depending on the day. As we approach full winter, I tend to use more natural colors and imitations on the streamers.


Recommended Flies: Pat’s Rubber Legs (#6-12), Split case BWO (#16-20), Mercer’s Jigster Baetis (#16-18), Quill Jig (#14-16), RS2 (#18-22), Captive Dun BWO (#18-22), BWO Comparadun (#18-22), Sheila Sculpin (#4), Sculpzilla (#4)

Fishing report updated by Brock Harris

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