Ora \ Vernon Bridge

Flav's are out in abundance as well as thick Caddis hatches. The Henry's Fork around Ora and Vernon Bridge is packed with trout feeding on the flav's and the amount of consistent risers will blow your mind. Banks, mid-river, everywhere.  Wade fishing is excellent in this stretch because it is relatively calm water, but that means you must put a little more effort into your presentation. Use 5x tippet to be sneaky, yet remain strong enough to land the occasional 24 inch Brown. Floating is also great because you can reach those tough-to-wade areas along the rock cliffs.  Tie a Flav imitation with a spinner or emerger dropper to be most effective. Fish with a Caddis on the banks. Evenings are the best, but any time of day is productive. Call Premier Fly Fishing for any shuttles and stop by our shop on Hwy. 20 in Ashton to stock up on Flavs!

Henrys Fork

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