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Idaho Fly Fishing ReportBefore you try fishing these rivers and lakes - CHECK OUR REPORT! You can save time and heartache by gleaning the expert advice from pro guides. Our goal is to help you make the most of your Idaho and Yellowstone fly fishing experience.

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Henrys Fork Fishing Report
Our Henrys Fork fly fishing report offers advice on each river section from Box Canyon, the Ranch, Warm River, and Ora Bridge downstream.

East Idaho Fly Fishing Report: Runoff Scenario for Summer Fishing

By all accounts, Eastern Idaho is seeing its first real runoff of the year, and most of the feeder creeks and tributaries to the Henry’s Fork, South Fork and the Teton River are dirty and high. After recent snow and rain storms in February and March, snow pack levels for Eastern Idaho are all over or near 100% for this time of the year. This above-average precipitation is leading to a positive outlook for the water levels during our upcoming fishing season.

Henrys Fork

Madision River
South Fork
Boise River: South Fork
Teton River
The Teton River is an 81.5-mile-long tributary of the Henrys Fork (Wikipedia) that begins in the Teton Basin near Victor. It flows north west towards Rexburg. The upper river in the basin is easily...

Rockin' on a Teton Tributary

Check out this video featuring music from the Jason James Band, a southern rocks style band home grown in Eastern Idaho. Concert footage from November 30th, 2013 benefit concert for special needs kids. Fishy footage features some beautiful small stream cutties guaranteed to make your mouth water for the amazing fishing on Teton and Bitch Creek.

Teton River

Henry's Lake
State record brookies have been caught on Henry's Lake. Check the report to see what is working on the lake.
Owyhee River

Owyhee River Fishing Report for 2/26/16

Fishing on the Owyhee River will start picking up very soon!  The ice has basically melted, so the river has opened up and is ready for you to explore.  The the Owyhee river is still at its winter flows, so make sure and bookmark our  Owyhee River realtime streamflow to follow what’s happening.  On most years, we can expect flows to jump up mid-March.  So about two weeks from when I’m writing this.

Owyhee River

Fishing beyond the fly and the borders of Idaho.

Surf Fishing: Equipment and Basic Tips

Surf Fishing

Surf Fishing Basics

There’s something awe-inspiring about stepping into the surf and casting out among the waves. Surf fishing is the passion of many anglers who live in areas where they have easy access to the beach, but to the novice, it can seem a bit too specialized to just wade into. In reality, it’s quite simple once you break the process down and make an effort to understand it.

If you’re interested in getting into surf fishing, or even just want to maximize your effectiveness in the water, read on.


Fly Fishing the Middle Fork of the Salmon River - Fly Fishing Frenzy

After fishing for all day in a 12ft raft to rising Cutthroats we ate a gourmet meal of salmon and garlic potatoes. We then made the 1mile trek to soak ourselves in a perfectly heated natural hot pot with an equally warm waterfall acting as a shower up Loon Creek. The rest of the night consisted of a little Texas Hold Em and good conversation. As I retired to bed, I realized that we were witnessing a perfectly formed utopia where white water rafting met fantastic fishing; an outdoor paradise they call the Middle Fork of the Salmon River.

Salmon River