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Historic Low Water Levels Fall River

Fall River Rainbow Trout Fall River

Fall River is almost 1500cfs below it's normal flows for this time of year. This is putting pressure on water storage on the Henrys Fork and will cause higher than normal flows for the Harriman Ranch opener.

The Salmon Fly hatch has come and gone on the lower sections, but with water levels so low, it's made it difficult to float to take advantage of the hatch. It's purely speculation, but the big bugs may be higher on the river towards Cave Falls. You need to have a Yellowstone Park fishing license to fish there so be prepared. 

henrys lake is slow right now

Henry's Lake

I am getting on my soap box today, the ice fishing is killing henrys lake fishing there are almost no more hogs in the lake so all bill is catching is like 3.5 lb fish or smaller we have to stop ice fishing the lake it is not good for the fisherman. But in spite of that use black patterns of bills the bh electric black is good also i talked to someone who caught them on the naked lady green and red bill also says canadian blood and canadian red are good.

Rusty Spinner Fun

Fly Fishing the Henrys Fork - Warm River to Ashton Henry's Fork

Warm River to Ashton fished well considering the traffic with anglers keying in on this section as it remains consistantly good. Smaller fish are activley feeding on the surface. Seems the big fish are not as active as they were a week or two ago, but that should change soon as they get hungry after the Salmon Fly gorge fest.

Salmon Flies are hitting now

Henry's Fork

The Salmon hatch is going strong now when the sun is out so use a size 4,6 foam body salmon and drop off either a stonefly nymph or some small beadheads from it. The water levels are staying about right upper and lower we are seeing some goldens also so it might pay to put on a golden stone as well and use a small beadhead as a dropper have fun fishing out there.