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Henrys Fork Fishing Report
Our Henrys Fork fly fishing report offers advice on each river section from Box Canyon, the Ranch, Warm River, and Ora Bridge downstream.

Henry’s Fork Fishing Report for 8-26-15

Lower Henry's Fork Brown Trout

We can now say with some confidence that the Henry’s Fork below Ashton Reservoir is finally fishing well again. It generally fishes decently throughout the heat of the summer on streamers in the evening, but that means getting to the take out in the pitch darkness. With fall on the way, it has been getting darker earlier, and the evenings have been cooler. The shorter days and colder air temperatures have kept the water consistently cooler. The browns are already getting colored up, and starting their pre-spawn assault on anything that swims.

Henrys Fork

South Fork

Lorenzo to Menan: Slow but Rewarding

South Fork Brown Trout

Compared to mid July, the Lorenzo to Menan stretch of the South Fork of the Snake River fished quite a bit slower. That did not detract from the size of fish that were boated. It's more of a quality, not quantity game. 

Hoppers were on the menu most of the day. Once they started losing their effectiveness, streamers were thrown. The large brown in the photo above was caught by Kerry Fisher on a streamer pattern.

South Fork

Boise River: South Fork

South Fork of the Boise River Fishing Report – August 19, 2015

We are still deep in the terrestrial game. Use big Chubby Chernobyl’s, Ants, & Grasshoppers. In the afternoon, we are seeing a good pink hatch. Later in the evening, Caddis is the name of the game. If that’s not working or you want to try a dry /dropper rig tie on rubber legs, prince nymphs, or pheasant tails.

Boise River Real Time Stream Flows.

South Fork of the Boise River Hatch Chart

Boise River

Teton River
The Teton River is an 81.5-mile-long tributary of the Henrys Fork (Wikipedia) that begins in the Teton Basin near Victor. It flows north west towards Rexburg. The upper river in the basin is easily...

Rockin' on a Teton Tributary

Check out this video featuring music from the Jason James Band, a southern rocks style band home grown in Eastern Idaho. Concert footage from November 30th, 2013 benefit concert for special needs kids. Fishy footage features some beautiful small stream cutties guaranteed to make your mouth water for the amazing fishing on Teton and Bitch Creek.

Teton River

Madision River

Fishing Report for August 24th, 2015

Madison River Dam: 890 cfs Kirby: 971 cfs Varney: 1,020 cfs Fishing has been a lot more consistent on the Madison this week, mostly due to cooler nights and thus colder water temps. Most of our aquatic insects are done for the year, as we wait for Fall to bring out the last big push [...]
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Fishing Report for August 15th, 2015

Madison River

Henry's Lake
State record brookies have been caught on Henry's Lake. Check the report to see what is working on the lake.

henrys lake is slow right now

I am getting on my soap box today, the ice fishing is killing henrys lake fishing there are almost no more hogs in the lake so all bill is catching is like 3.5 lb fish or smaller we have to stop ice fishing the lake it is not good for the fisherman. But in spite of that use black patterns of bills the bh electric black is good also i talked to someone who caught them on the naked lady green and red bill also says canadian blood and canadian red are good.

Henry's Lake

Owyhee River

Owyhee River Fishing Report – August 19, 2015

If you’re headed to the Owyhee make sure and bring Tricos, they are working in mornings until the sun hits the water (around 10:30an to 11am). Big terrestrials are also working (beetles, hoppers, & ants), make sure and target the cut banks & fast ripple runs. Throughout the day, Callibaetis, PMD’s, & Midges are working.

On the sub-surface game you can also use nymphs. Try the little stuff like zebras, hares ear & split case PMD’s. Do a full nymph rig or a dry dropper. The streamer fishing is good as well.

Owyhee River