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Henrys Fork Fly Fishing Report

Our Henrys Fork fly fishing report offers advice on each river section from Box Canyon, the Ranch, Warm River, and Ora Bridge downstream.

Henry’s Fork Fishing Report for 8-26-15

Lower Henry's Fork Brown Trout

We can now say with some confidence that the Henry’s Fork below Ashton Reservoir is finally fishing well again. It generally fishes decently throughout the heat of the summer on streamers in the evening, but that means getting to the take out in the pitch darkness. With fall on the way, it has been getting darker earlier, and the evenings have been cooler. The shorter days and colder air temperatures have kept the water consistently cooler. The browns are already getting colored up, and starting their pre-spawn assault on anything that swims.

Henrys Fork

Henry’s Fork Fishing Report – August 16, 2015

As we hit mid-August on the Henry’s Fork, things are beginning to look up. It’s like we’ve turned the corner and are finally emerging from the summer doldrums. The Warm River to Ashton stretch has been fishing extremely well with a hopper dropper fished tight to the bank. Your hopper should be on the smaller side (think size 12), and your dropper should too (size 14-16 is about perfect). Good hopper patterns are peach Chubby Chernobyls or a pink More or Less Hopper.

Henrys Fork

Henry's Fork Fishing Report July 31

Big Rainbow on Lower Henrys Fork Submitted By TRR Outfitters

As July draws to an end, August marks a time on the Henry’s Fork that should be looked forward to. The bugs sort of slow down when the water gets warm, and the fish get sluggish. Just as the mayflies that once seemed so reliable aren’t so reliable anymore, it’s hopper season. The hopper fishing should really heat up in the coming weeks. In the meantime, up in the Railroad Ranch and Last Chance sections of the river, the cooler weather and the water surge from Island Park Reservoir have brought the water temperature down.

Henrys Fork

Henry's Fork Fishing Report Rewind | Flow Increase

Green Drake hatch on the Henry's Fork

Just take a look back at some of our older posts and you will get the idea that June and July is the peak dry fly season on the Henry's Fork. The Green Drake hatch, Flavs, PMDs a plenty, and Golden Stones coupled with the onset of those warmer summer temperature make for magic on the river. The photos attached to this post attest to the thrill of landing big fish on small dry flies. When the summer temps keep the fish deep in cool water, casting streamers in the early morning and evening comes in to play.

Henrys Fork

HFF Membership Meeting June 18th 2015

Henry's Fork Foundation's annual membership meeting during Henry's Fork Days at Last Chance on the banks of the Henry's Fork.

0:10 Rob Van Kirk, Senior Scientist

1:06:14 Brandon Hoffner, Executive Director

1:37:59 Brady Taylor, Conservation Fund Director

Henrys Fork

July 1, 2015 Eastern Idaho Fly Fishing Report

TRR Outfitters: East Idaho Fly Fishing Report

There has been a pretty big heat wave across the entire Northwest.  Here in ‘our neck of the woods’ the best chance at fish are in the morning and late afternoon.  You can sill have a great day fishing mid-day.  Here are some other details about the specific rivers around here:

The South Fork of the Snake is fishing really well!  The stoneflies are everywhere!  We’ve been using Golden Stones, Salmon Flies, & Yellow Sallies.

Henry’s Fork of the Snake River

Henrys Fork

Salmon Flies are hitting now

The Salmon hatch is going strong now when the sun is out so use a size 4,6 foam body salmon and drop off either a stonefly nymph or some small beadheads from it. The water levels are staying about right upper and lower we are seeing some goldens also so it might pay to put on a golden stone as well and use a small beadhead as a dropper have fun fishing out there.

Henrys Fork


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