Horseshoe Lake

  • Horseshoe Lake

Looking for a unique and serene place to catch fish and camp? Check out Horseshoe Lake located very close to Yellowstone on the Cave Falls Road East of Ashton, ID. The lake is clear and beautiful with lily pads lining the banks giving the trout a place to hide and eat leeches and flies on the surface. The bottom is soft and muddy so make sure to bring a float tube or pontoon. Try trolling a wholly bugger behind your craft while slowly paddling along the lily pads and open water or cast a royal coachman or renegade to the rising fish in the lily pads. Make sure you get a Yellowstone Park fishing license so you can fish Cave Falls on the Falls River too. Here are directions to the lake from Ashton:,+ID&daddr=Horseshoe+Lake,+Ashton,+ID&hl=en&geocode=%3BCQbWiHztzhwHFffWoQIdVrNg-SkN0Xtkt9RTUzFtgrLx7WIRog&mra=ls&sll=44.13171,-111.071949&sspn=0.085383,0.151234&ie=UTF8&z=11

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