Henry's Fork Fishing Report Rewind | Flow Increase

  • Green Drake hatch on the Henry's Fork
  • Big Brown Slab
  • Nice Brown
  • Henrys Fork Brown Trout

Just take a look back at some of our older posts and you will get the idea that June and July is the peak dry fly season on the Henry's Fork. The Green Drake hatch, Flavs, PMDs a plenty, and Golden Stones coupled with the onset of those warmer summer temperature make for magic on the river. The photos attached to this post attest to the thrill of landing big fish on small dry flies. When the summer temps keep the fish deep in cool water, casting streamers in the early morning and evening comes in to play. As usual, streamer fishing ensures that the bigger fish are the targets as opposed to catching smaller fish more often than not with dry flies. 

We may have things a bit backwards here - the fishing report should look at the present and future instead of reminiscing on the past. Taking a look at what's happening now in the bug department we are happy to see an increase in terrestrial activity. Grasshoppers and ants patterns are productive throughout the river.

Major Flow Increase Scheduled Starting Tuesday, July 21st.

We just received news from the Henry's Fork Foundation's Executive Director Brandon Hoffner that "flows will be increased by 900 cfs at Island Park Dam, resulting in a flow of 2,000 cfs for about two to three days." The increase is to accommodate turbine testing at the Chester Dam site.Read more on Brandon's blog post here: http://henrysfork.org/flows-increasing-accommodate-turbine-testing-be-ca...

Health of the River

Speaking of the Foundation, they have just released video footage of their June meeting that anyone interested in the health and preservation of the Henry's Fork should watch. 


Green Drake photo courtesy of Angler's Lodge

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