Lower Mesa to Warm River

  • Rainbow on the Henry's Fork
  • Caddis caught bow
  • Still water is fun

Last night we slid a pontoon down the canyon at the Lower Mesa Falls Campground and floated to Warm River. What an amazing section of water! Besides the fishing, which is great, the scenery, wildlife, and pure solitude makes it unforgettable. If you do decide to take this water on, make sure you plan on using a soft bottom boats to help prevent erosion on the slide. 

We started off the float throwing Bling and Clouser streamers because there didn't seem to be fish feeding on the surface. The streamers didn't pay off, so we switched up to a pheasant tail nymph dropped off a Golden Stone. I heard that the Goldens are hatching the Box Canyon section in Island Park. We didn't expect fish to go for the big bug because it seems like the hatch had already moved through this part of the river, but to our surprise the fish started attacking the Golden Stone - strike after strike! I'm a poor fly fisher, so this was the only golden in my box -and this river will take your bugs. Of course my fly was no exception - we lost it leaving us high and dry. So we decided to try throwing a hopper. Believe it or not, it worked just as well.

Later on in the night the Caddis hatch finally drew fish to the surface and we did well throwing elk hair caddis and renegade patterns. The fishing on the Henrys Fork is off the hook right now so come to Ashton or Island Park and get some.

Henrys Fork

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