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  • Fly Fishing the Henrys Fork - Warm River to Ashton
  • Rusty Spinner

Warm River to Ashton fished well considering the traffic with anglers keying in on this section as it remains consistantly good. Smaller fish are activley feeding on the surface. Seems the big fish are not as active as they were a week or two ago, but that should change soon as they get hungry after the Salmon Fly gorge fest.

In the big bug department the Salmon Fly hatch is well over now giving way to some Golden Stone action. Fish are looking up and attacking those big patterns so it's not a bad idea to cast a large stimulator or stone fly pattern with a dropper or small dry trailer. 

The most productive fly on this section of the Henrys Fork was the Rusty Spinner! PMDs were seen in the air early on and by evening fish keyed in on the spinner fall and ate!

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