Salmon Fly Hatch 2017 - Ora to Chester

  • Salmon Fly Hatch 2017
  • Brown trout caught on salmonfly
  • Brandon's big brown
  • Adult salmonflys hatching on bank of Henrys Fork

***UPDATE*** Salmonflies are on the upper section of the HF and moving up! We got a report yesterday (May 24th) that Warm River to Ashton was crazy. The fierce wind actually helped fishing conditions! No word if they have reached Island Park yet. Hurry and get out there! It won't last long!

The Salmonflies have arrived on the Ora to Vernon section of the Henrys Fork. The big bugs were hatching on the bank as early as Friday, May19th. Fishing has been a bit challenging, but rewarding - your not going to catch small fish on thes giant insects. Stay tuned, we will shout out when they hatch on other sections.

Henrys Fork

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