Not a good night on the Teton

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Had a slow night on the Teton River on the Newdale downstream section. Hooked up on a fish using a black rubberleg on our nymph rig and battled a Cutthroat snagged with a Lightning Leach streamer tied by Brandon Huerta. There were minimal rises and little takers underwater. I'm not very familiar with this part of the river so I can't tell you if this is normal for this time of year and it will heat up soon or if it was simply an off day for fishing.

I looked in our Teton River archives and found that Salmon Flies were expected in the middle of June in 2010. I am wondering if we were just behind the Salmon Fly hatch and the fish were stuffed. Anyone know if the Salmon Flies have moved up the Teton yet? Light me up in the comments section below if you know. 

Teton River

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