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Fly fishing is a lifestyle! And it is a lifestyle I was lucky enough to be introduced to as a  young kid. I have spent most of my fly fishing life learning the waters of the South Fork of the Boise and the Owyhee Rivers. I have a special place for these two rivers, as would anyone who is lucky enough to grow up on these rivers would. I have spent my last two years living in Victor Idaho were I managed Premier Fly Fishing Fly Shop for Royce Klingler. The experience was both memorable and educational. It's easy to feel like you have come close to top of your skill set in fly fishing until you fish with new people. I don't care who you are there is always something to be learned from a new angler. I also worked for Royce as a guide on some of there private spring creeks and lakes they fish through thier fishing club "Hidden Waters". Between the shop and the club I also guided for TroutHunter in Island Park. The experiences I have had through growing up with a fly rod in my hand and spending the last few years working in the fly fishing industry has brought me back to Boise. My partners and I are going to operate Premier Oars and Blades. A wooden oar company producing some of the finest whitewater and drift boat oars on the market today.  Between me and my partners we have too many years of experience to count and plenty of information to share. And that is what this fishing report is all about. It will be a way for us to communicate with you, and you with us. We want to enhance everyone's experience on the water. We will dedicate ourselves to bringing you the most up to date reports and information you can find in the great state of Idaho. Feel free to leave comments or ask questions. We are here to serve you!