South Fork of the Boise River Fishing Report

  • Ryan Sand with a nice rainbow.
  • Mana Dengsoth with another nice rainbow
  • Yep!
  • Articulated Streamers!

Went and spent a day on the South Fork over the weekend with a few friends and managed to pick a great day to be on the water. The weather was as good as you could ask for being a February day. Started off in the morning in the mid 30's and worked it's way into the mid 40's by late afternoon. Light snow showers early followed by a few light rain showers throughout the day. The majority of the day was overcast with shots of blue sky poking through every so often. These days with overcast conditions can make for your better fishing days. The fish are more comfortable when the sun isn't piercing through the water giving everything a good look to the bottom. The majority of the group fished a rubberleg stonefly nymph pattern with various small droppers trailing underneath. We picked up fish within the first 15 minutes of being in the water all the way to 15 minutes before getting out. However after hooking up regularly for most the day I was ready to do what I love best and that is streamer fishing. And for me that is what was the best part of the day. Within five casts I was hooked up with a nice rainbow, and continued to have chasers, takes, and fish in the net for the remainder of the day. Sculpin and bunny patterns are what brought the majority of the fish to hand. I will post a picture of a pattern I tie that fishes extremely well both on the South Fork and the Owyhee. I would have no problem throwing it in any body of water holding fish. You won't find it in the stores but if you tie feel free to copy it. It's definitely a go to streamer pattern for me. About the only thing not happening while we were there was fish midging. There were midges out and did manage to see a few fish take a nose to the surface, but for the most part it was all subsurface. You want to be looking for the condensed seams, drop offs, medium chop, and pockets for the majority of holding water you will be fishing. Although I took the best fish of the day out of tight skinny water. Look for the structure on the banks in the small water, and the rocks creating the breaks and you will take fish where most people just wade across. We only have a month and half left until the South Fork closes for spawn and everyone is bumping elbows on the Owyhee so get out and enjoy!

Boise River

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