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I grew up fishing in Missouri moved to Wyoming when I was 19 and picked up a flyrod and haven't put one down since. When I turned 22 I tried my luck in owning a orvis flyshop in thermopolis Wyoming started guiding there as well. It turns out there was only room enough in the small town for one fly shop and it wasn't ours. I still guide for Wyoming adventures there but reside in victor Idaho, I have been fortunate enough to be able to atleast put 200 days plus on the river every year I think I have fished every river with in a 500 or mile radius from Jackson Wyoming where I have spent most of my years. In all honesty I love Wyoming but the better fishing is in Idaho so this is where I will stay forever. I also enjoy going to casting competitions put on by all cast so much fun to see what your really made of none less I still don't have a first place trophy but have been close several times but it's the people in our industry that draw me there more than anything. I am currently 32 years of age so there is still alot to learn but have alot to teach as well. As we all know as anglers you learn something knew every time you go out also I am one of the owners of premier oars and blades so if you don't have a set you need one now they make you stronger,faster,smarter,and rich oh and not to mention good looking. Well thank you for visiting my profile I hope I can make your next fishing excursion a success good luck out there