Fall Fishing on Boise's South Fork

South fork of the boise- there are still plenty of fish to be had on the surface and will be throughout the winter. BWO, beatis, and midges are going to make up your dry fly selection. Fish these patterns in sizes 18-22. If you want your best chances at hooking up you need to be nymphing. A rubberleg stonefly (sizes 4-6) and a dropper (hairsear, pheasant tail, caddis, sizes 12-18) this set up is deadly year round. This time of the year they really key on the nymphs do to the lack of bugs on the surface. Throw streamers, throw streamers, throw streamers. If you like big fish you will learn to love streamers.

Boise River

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Fly fishing is a lifestyle! And it is a lifestyle I was lucky enough to be introduced to as a  young kid. I have spent most of my fly fishing life learning the waters of the South Fork of the...