Owyhee River Fishing Report

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Took a trip to the river with good friend Ryan Hoover to try and tighten up on a few browns. They fishing was pretty slow all in all. We came up on a handful of fish working the surface on midges. Problem is that the river is pretty choked up with ice. Most of the deeper water is froze over and the water that isn't is mainly the shallows and riffles which contain most of the redds. There is some fishable water but you have to search it out. We stuck with throwing streamers all day. Black leech patterns was our fair for the day. We had a handful of chases and some takes but only managed to put a single fish in our hands. If you after some winter fishing I would probably focus on the South Fork of the Boise and Bose river in town. The South Forks faster pace river keeps it ice free for the most part in the Idaho winter. Next warm spell with temps in the in the upper 30's and low 40's for a few straight days should open the river up some but until that happens and it might be awhile the river is pretty small. Have a great Christmas and happy fishing!

Owyhee River

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