Owyhee River Fishing Report

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So it's been about a month since I have made it out to the Owyhee but I had a few friends go over recently and I thought I would pass along the info. Due to the nice weather we have been having the river is ice free. This is nice being that a month ago it was almost choked out. On sunny days you will want to look for fish up on midges. This will make up the majority of your top water action. We are knocking of the door of  skawala stones showing up. Most people will find success nymphing your standard set ups. Pheasant tails, caddis, haresears, and midge patterns. The zebra midge is a really reliable pattern, especially in red. If you get tired of watching your bobber, oh wait my bad your strike indicator then tie on a streamer. Bunny, leech, clouser, crayfish, and bugger patterns are going to do the trick. The Owyhee is a streamer factory some days are so good it almost feels wrong. Anyway pick your poison and fire away. One last note though, the browns on this river will fight a lot better with a big ugly streamer in there mouths than a bitty little nymph. Tight Lines!!

Owyhee River

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