South Fork of the Boise

Spent the day on the South Fork yesterday and it was a great day to be on the water. There were a fair number of BWO's out starting around noon and picking up some until about the 3' o'clock hour. There were fish up on them but very sparatic and mainly smaller fish. With that said between the three of us fishing we were throwning rubber leg stone fly nymphs with small #16 pheasant tail droppers and streamer fishing black leech patterns. Nothing was fishing fantastic, however both set ups were very consistent. Big fish of the day went to my dad Tony Huerta which was a nice 25" bull trout, suprisingly caught on a small pheasant tail. He nymphyed all day and managed to also net several nice bows. As for Justin Wells and myself we threw streamers all day with several more nice bull trout and rainbows that eagerly at leech patterns. These are not #10 black wooly buggers we are throwing at them. They are #4 articulated streamers tied on two hooks with the front hook cut off. You can only fish single barbless hooks on the South Fork. If you are willing to brave the weather the rewards are well worth it. We only saw 4 other anglers on the river all day. Boy summer can be over rated.

Boise River

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