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Teton river fished it today 11/17/11 at bates bridge and just back rowed up a ways it was pretty windy out as it has been for the past few days. There as been a few midges and very few bluewing olives and when they are there the wind has blown them off so riser action is far and few between for now. Sooo this is what I have been doing I have been using a size 12 or 14 parachutes Adams because there was a fall grey drake hatch that was incredible but anyway fish are opportunists so I have actually caught a few on that but have dropping a bead head beatis nymph pheasant tails will work but more natural is better or a midge pupa color doesn't seem matter just use something that will get your nymph down I drop it about 20 inches off the dry and look for nervous water there is still moss on the bottom so choose your lanes but work it every where the fishing is not incredible but am defiantly catching fish from 11 till 3 or 4 weather pending it will pick up just need it to warm up a few degrees and for the wind to stop

Teton River

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I grew up fishing in Missouri moved to Wyoming when I was 19 and picked up a flyrod and haven't put one down since. When I turned 22 I tried my luck in owning a orvis flyshop in thermopolis...